Lace society “Danica Bresler”

ČD Danica Bresler

Lepoglava lace society “Danica Bresler” was founded  in Lepoglava in 1998 as the first organization of lacemakers. The main goal of the society is the renewal and promotion of the tradition of lacemaking in Lepoglava. It is believed that lace was brought to Lepoglava by the Paulists centuries ago, and lacemaking was gradually accepted by the local people. Refinement and lightness, high quality imbued with centuries old tradition of handmade lace and the use of specialty motifs are only some of the attributes that characterize this perfect textile creation.

Lepoglavska lace truly blossomed in the late 19 th century and the first half of the 20th century, especially thanks  to  Zlata Šufflay who refined it with a folk ornament and improved the technique of its development. Between the two world wars there was a lacemaking school in Lepoglava, and the number of lacemakers gradually increased which created safer conditions for the survival of this tradition. The most prominent person in this school was Danica Brossler who produced special designs and improved the quality of  the lace. She was the first to use a thin thread and skillfully combined motifs from famous lace centres with folk and baroque elements and so Lepoglava lace got its full aesthetic characteristic.Since Danica Brossler was one of the most important figures in the history of Lepoglava lace, the  society was named after her.

The society gathers lacemakers from Lepoglava and nearby places, who use their skilled hands to make representative ​​lace souvenirs from the opus of Danica Bresler, as well  as pendants and saucers decorated with lace motifs and lace incorporated into textiles and fashion accessories.

Through its activities, education of the young lacemakers in school-based programs and lacemaking workshops as well as through participation at fairs and festivals in cities around Croatia and Europe, the society successfully promotes Lepoglava lace and helps preserve the cultural heritage of the wider cultural community. As a part of Croatian lacemaking tradition, lacemaking in Lepoglava  was enlisted on UNESCO’s  List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.

Information: Verica Dubovečak, president of the Society Hrvatskih pavlina 7, 42 250 Lepoglava Mob.: +385 (0)98 690 120 E-mail: Web:

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