Dragutin Jamnić, original sculptor


Dragutin Jamnić is just an ordinary man whose skilled hands have the gift of breathing in life to wood or stone. This renowned sculptor from Lepoglava has for more than two decades given life to forms trapped in fossil oak and Vinica stone using nothing but his skilled bare hands and a chisel. His rich work can be divided into animalistic, sacral, humanistic and abstract works. Some of his works which carry anti-war messages raise special interest, and he has shown a special preference to creating human heads in which he attempts to present typological features of the people of this region.

Apart from his numerous single exhibitions, Jamnić has so far taken part in some hundred group exhibitions at home and abroad. He actively participates in events organized in his hometown as well as in the general vicinity, where he is always welcome. He also participates in charity fundraising activities. A permanent exhibition of sculptures, a part of the artistic oeuvre of this original sculptor, can be seen in  gallery “Jamnić“ in Lepoglava, while some of his works are placed at various locations around the town of Lepoglava. The works of this artist complete collections of many art collectors around the world.

Gallery „Jamnić“
Hrvatskih pavlina 8, 42 250 Lepoglava
Tel.: +385 (0)42 791 153
Mob.: +385 (0)98 186 6745

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