About us

Agro-tourist cluster “Lepoglava” was founded with the purpose of developing  rural tourism and agriculture through uniting tourist and agricultural offer of hardworking people of our region.

The cluster provides its members with assistance in their presentation on the market and encourages their mutual cooperation as well as their cooperation with other entities in the area of the town of Lepoglava, the rest of Croatia and Europe, with which the region of Lepoglava shares the same interests.

It tries to combine what its members have to offer to tourists into a unique product which would be  available to all visitors to this destination and which would  include accommodation and catering services together  with  the offer of local family farms and supporting facilities and activities through which visitors can discover the history of the region.

The cluster promotes joint appearance of its members on the market in order to strenghten their market position and achieve success.

Products and services of the members of Agro-tourist cluster “Lepoglava” make up the tourist offer of the destination.
The objectives of the cluster are:
• development and improvement of rural tourism and agriculture by uniting tourist and agricultural offer of its members
• development and promotion of sports and adventure tourism
• protection and promotion of destinations in rural tourism
• promotion of responsible and sustainable development of rural tourism and agriculture
• informing and educating citizens, businesses, public administrators,workers in tourism and culture and other participants in the economic and social life about the development opportunities and potentials of organized tourism and agriculture
• contribution to the preservation of the environment and natural heritage, artistic and cultural property, historical traditions of the people and improvement of the quality of life for present and future generations

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