Family farm estate Butko

OPG Butko

Family farm estate Butko from Višnjica is one of few family farm estates in Lepoglava and Varaždin county which produces  practical items made of komušinje, dried leaves from the corn cob. Skilled hands of family members Butko produce various usable items such as shopping bags in different sizes and bottle holders. They knit them from komušinje in the traditional way. This is an almost forgotten skill which has been passed on from generation to generation in the Butko family for many years. Items made of komušinje at the family farm Butko carry special quality, uniqueness and a touch of tradition. Their traditional handmade products raise great interest among visitors at fairs.

Family farm estate Butko
Donja Višnjica 107B, 42 255 Donja Višnjica
Tel.: + 385 (0)42 703 231
Mob.: +385 (0)91 412 5384

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