Family farm estate Murić

OPG Murić

Family farm estate Murić boasts a long tradition of producing dessert blackberry wine made from blackberries from their own organic gardens. Thanks to their knowledge and years of experience, Murić family offers exceptional quality wines for which they keep receiving numerous awards every year. This product of the Murić family is a tasty beverage which, thanks to its specific aroma and flavor, is a delight not only for  wine connoisseurs, but also for everyone who wants to share the experience of drinking blackberry wine.

Health benefits of blackberry wine have been known since ancient times. It  is one of the most widespread folk remedies for amnesia, and is especially effective in fighting  anemia. It is also recommended  in treating fatigue, undernutrition, digestion, regulating blood pressure and blood circulation. Besides blackberry wine, family Murić produces  high quality blackberry liqueur and blackberry jam, which , in addition to being very tasty, also have endless health benefits. Products of the Murić family can be purchased at their farm in Lepoglava or at numerous culinary, traditional and craft fairs in Croatia at which family Murić  regularly present their products.

Family farm estate Murić
Očura 43, 42 250 Lepoglava
Mob.: +385 (0)98 199 0570

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