Mountain hut “Pusti duh”

Pusti duh

Mountaineering club  Pusti duh has been active since 1964. Its aim is to popularize mountain climbing and encourage  people to spend more time in the nature for recreation and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The club is active in the area of the Ivanščica and  Ravna Gora mountains where members regularly work on maintaining of hiking and bike trails, the most famous of which is called Vilinska špica. In cooperation with other associations in Lepoglava region, the club organizes a number of sports and hiking events, road and mountain bike races, and similar events that promote healthy lifestyle. Every year the club celebrates the World Sports Day  and World Hiking Day by organizing various events. The club also manages the mountain hut Pusti duh which is located on the top of Ravna gora.

Mountain hut, Pusti duh was built in 1950.It is actually a former church house built inthe 17th century, which has been  restored and renovated several times to this day. The house has  a wooden loft overlooking the castle of Trakošćan , the spacious Macelj  highlands, Boč, Donačka mountain Mozir mountain, and Pohorje. On a beautiful winter day you can see the Kamnik Alps, and a number of other smaller peaks in the distance.

There are several legends about the origin of the hut`s name, and the two most famous  associate its origin with the Paulists who were present in Lepoglava from 1400 until the abolition of the order in  1786. One of them says that a monastery prior had to spend some time in solitude on Ravna gora and fully devote himself to meditation and contemplation. After returning from the church house on the top of the mountain, he spoke about his experiences to others. Another legend is centered around the  image of strict and pious way of monastic life dedicated to God, science, culture and art. According to this legend,among the monks, there were those more eccentric and susceptible to hedonism.  The Paulists used to call them  “puste duše“ˇ-“ the wasted spirits“. They found their refuge in this house and so this place became known as Pusti duh  or “The Wasted Spirit.”

In the hut there are 20 beds in 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room that can seat up to 30 people, a bathroom, and a smaller room with a bar that offers warm and cold drinks to visitors. At the front entrance  there is  a roofed terrace with tables and benches for  around 30 people.

Around the hut there are tables and benches and there is also a barbecue. There is a sports court  where visitors can play soccer, volleyball and badminton. There are hanging bowling pins, darts sets and bocce balls at visitors`s  disposal.

Near the hut there are many interesting spots like two paragliding airfields, a group of sharp, broken rocks called Teeth, the Pyramid – the highest peak of Ravna gora  (680 metres),  a belvedere overlooking  the surrounding areas, the Chapel of the Three Magi  built in 1619, Great Rocks – a steep limestone cliff 50-80 meters high which attracts rock climbers and alpinists and mountain lodge “Filić hut.”

Hikers can get to Pusti duh from several directions: from Lepoglava Trakošćan, Bednja Cvetlin,or Višnjica.

In the period from early April to late October the hut is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m to 6 p.m, and overnight and longer stays are possible with prior notice. In winter, the hut  is open for all visitors by prior arrangement.

Damir Kužir, chairman of the Hiking society „Pusti duh“
Mob.: +385 (0) 98 806 370

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