“Lepoglava agate” association

In the region of  Lepoglava there are a finding site of semi-precious stone agate and the only preserved fossil volcano in Croatia, which represent scientific, educational and tourist attractions. This area is called Gaveznica – Kameni Vrh and it became protected by law on  18th March 1998 thus becoming the sixth geological nature monument in Croatia. Today visitors are offered guided tours where they can walk around the volcano and learn about the history of this site.

“Lepoglava agate” association was founded in 2006 and it brings together those who like minerals and geology. Association members work daily and discover new deposits of rare minerals around Croatia and are engaged in research and presentations of Croatian minerals. So far they have found a number of new mineral deposits, rare crystals and two volcanoes, and adopted technologies of making souvenirs from semi-precious stones.

The ultimate goal of the association is the establishment of a museum dedicated to agate, the semi-precious stone that can only be found in Lepoglava region. Agate stones are  characterized by a special beauty thanks to their infinite diversity of colour and material layers. The association`s collection consists of the most comprehensive account of  minerals from the region of Hrvatsko zagorje. It is exhibited together with a collection of the world’s minerals and semi-precious stones in the Cultural center.

Damir Vrtar, president of the Association
Mob.: +385 (0)98 182 6579
E-mail: damir.vrtar@vz.t-com.hr

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