Association of winegrowers, winemakers and greengrocers “Klopotec”

Association “Klopotec” was founded in 2008. Its aim is to improve the quality of winegrowing and fruitgrowing through the adoption of modern technologies, exchange of knowledge and experience and promotion of the products of its members. It comprises about 170 members.

Members of the association emphasise the improvement of fruit and grapes production as their  main motto. The association also organizes a variety of lectures, demonstrations and excursions, where members have the opportunity to learn from the examples of good practice. Visible progress has been made in viticulture and winemaking. Each year better grape vine seeds are planted  and the quality of wines is improving. Association members also participate in various exhibitions and their wines receive quality awards year after year. The association also participates at tourist manifestations and presentations thus promoting the products of its members.

In the spirit of fostering ancient folk customs, members of the Association celebrate  “Vincekovo”(St Vincent Day) and “Martinje” (St Martin Day) and “ raising of klopotec” every year.

Tonko Županić, president of the Association
Mob.: +385 (0)99 262 7041

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