Lepoglava lace Cooperative

The marvelous lace – the beauty and magic, which is believed to be brought to Croatia by the  Paulist many centuries ago is a uniqueness of Lepoglava and its surroundings. Ever since the arrival of  the Paulists, the art of lacemaking has gradually been accepted among the rural population and has remained a uninterrupted tradition to this day.
The cooperative was founded in 2003 with the aim of restoring the tradition of lacemaking in Lepoglava which threatened to become extinct.

The quality and uniqueness of Lepoglava lace were recognized in the first half of the 20th century when Lepoglava lace won awards at international exhibitions – gold  in Paris in 1937 and bronze in Berlin in 1939. This was the time when lacemaking in Lepoglava blossomed.

Since 2003 the products of the Cooperation have carried the sign “Croatian Creation“ and in   2009  lacemaking in Lepoglava was enlisted on the UNESCO`s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In June 2011 at the First International Lace Festival in Vologda ,Russia, Lepoglava lace was declared the most beautiful in competition with 10 countries and 36 Russian areas. In addition, the Cooperative  was declared the most successful cooperative in 2012 by the Ministry of Business and Trade.

The Cooperative gathers 25 lacemakers who make this high-value artifact, it obtains the thread  used for making lace, sets the products on the market and takes care of the standard quality of Lepoglava lace. Certain elements of Lepoglava lace are used as fashion accessories and inserts in blouses and collars.

Croatian National Tourist Board awarded the Cooperative with “Green Flower 2004″ award for the integrity and originality of the continental Croatian souvenir therefore making Lepoglava lace one of the most original souvenirs. Within the Cooperative there is a sales gallery of Lepoglava lace which offers its most representative laces as well as souvenirs and fashion jewelry with lace motifs and inserts. International Lace Festival in Lepoglava has been held since 1997. Its main goal is to popularize lace and preserve the skill of lacemaking.

Karmen Šoštarić, manager
Hrvatskih pavlina 7, 42 250 Lepoglava
Tel.: +385 (0)42 770 427
Mob.: +385 (0) 98 355 813
E-mail: zadruga.cipke@lepoglava.hr
Web: www.lepoglavska-cipka.hr

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